What Items Can you Donate to Goodwill?

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When it comes to clearing out your space, some items can be difficult to part with. Sometimes it feels wasteful or insulting to just trash an item that potentially still has some life in it. For these kinds of items, it might be a good idea to donate them to local charities or to thrift stores. Goodwill is one of many companies that accept donations of pre-owned items to resell to customers seeking a unique treasure. You know what they say about one man’s trash. 

Goodwill is a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization that believes every person deserves an opportunity to thrive. The simple act of providing a person with presentable, professional interview-ready clothing can transform a person’s life. Recycling goods is also good for the environment. The less items sent to the landfill the better.

Goodwill Junk Removal

Goodwill donation centers accepts nearly all household items in good condition. This includes but is not limited to clothing and shoes, toys and games, furniture, and household textiles. There is even program through which you could donate a car to a person in need.

As an added bonus, it could pay off in more than one way to rid your space of cluttering items. Keep your donation receipts for filing purposes when tax season comes around. Items that are considered acceptable condition are able to be claimed as a tax deduction. Goodwill advises you to “download our donation valuation guide, which features estimates for the most commonly donated items” in order to value your donation.

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Goodwill Acceptable Items

Clothing and Accessories

Clothing and accessories that are accepted by Goodwill include, but are not limited to:

  • Business Suit
  • Dress
  • Jeans
  • Shoes
  • Sweaters

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There are practically no restrictions as far as sizing or types of clothing that can be donated to a Goodwill donation center. Donated items are resold in all size ranges. The sizes range from infant to adult and are women, men and unisex.

Goodwill does not have the capacity to wash or dry clean donated items, they are sold as is. Therefore, it is encouraged to donated freshly laundered items that are in decent condition. Remember, the goal is to give the item new life.

Ensure that it is in good enough shape for another person to appreciate and enjoy. Do not donate items that are badly soiled. Any article of clothing may be donated at any time of year. This can be a helpful alternative for a blouse in decent condition that the consignment shop would not accept because it was no longer on trend.

You will not get paid for donating items to Goodwill but, you will rid your space of clutter, give a clothing item a new chance at life, help a person find an affordable and unique piece, and possibly have items contribute to tax deductions. Make sure to ask for a tax receipt and talk with your CPA to find out the maximum tax-deductible amount you can claim each year.


Houseware & household goods items include, but are not limited to:

  • Dishes
  • Wall Art
  • Sporting Goods
  • Holiday decor
  • Home decor
  • End tables
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Consider donating trinkets you no longer have use for. Vases, figurines, pots and pans are unique finds for the thrift shopping treasure hunter. Bury the treasure by tossing in a decorative plate you’ve had for decades but just does not match anything anymore.

As. rule of thumb, do not donate cracked or broken items since it is a definite safety hazard. Seasonal items are great for donating because they are usually very unique finds. There are new version created every year of the ceramic Halloween pumpkin you keep on your porch. Be sure to pack fragile items carefully and do not leave them outside of a donation facility.

Some location have a drive-up area in which to hand over your donations. It is not advised to drop a box outside of a Goodwill facility. Check with your local store about their drop off locations and policies. It’s advised to check with your local charity within the same week that you plan on making a donation of a larger item as floor space is limited.

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Electronics and Media

Here are a few examples of electronic and media items accepted by Goodwill:

  • Desktop computer
  • microwave
  • lamps
  • video games/DVDs/CDs
  • Books
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A common question we get asked is “does goodwill accept microwaves” and the answer is Yes. This category of household items easily accumulate in our homes. Not to mention, they quickly become outdated. But, there is always the possibility of another customer seeking out the exact kind of item you toss in the donation piles around your house.

Inspect electronics before donating them. Make sure battery-operated items are in good working condition and can be properly reused. The same goes for a microwave or a lamp. It is always a good idea to check to make sure electronics operate properly before making a trip to the donation center. Plus, you would not want to travel with large, oddly shaped, bulky items that might have been better off in the trash pile.

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Furniture Donations

Furniture & other large items accepted by Goodwill include, but are not limited to:

  • Patio Set
  • Dresser
  • Recliner
  • End table
  • Coffee table
  • Standard Sofa
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Furniture items are perhaps the most needed but hardest to come by at an affordable price. So, once you find a valuable piece it can be tough to let go of it. We become apprehensive about getting rid of a good, quality item. This easily leads to clutter.

De-clutter and let go of furniture items you might not necessarily have a need for. Do not keep it around for the sake of keeping it out of the trash. Look over your furniture items that have served their purpose and decide if they are worth keeping.

Donation centers and junk removal services specialize in ridding us of big, old(er), used furniture items from around the house. Utilize them to help you through your process of tidying up.

While it can be tough to haul out personal items, it will most likely be well worth it. Purge yourself of junk or clutter taking up space. Embrace an “out with the old” frame of mind. What shouldn’t you donate? You should “junk” items that are broken or damaged beyond repair.

These items are not very useful as donations because it would take too much time and too many resources to revive them. Donate items to Goodwill that deserve a second chance. Take your time and sort through your things to make an informed decision about where to send it.

Alternatives to donating to goodwill is the Salvation Army or Vietnam Veterans of America. Click here to learn about the Salvation Army, click here to learn about Vietnam Veterans of America and click here to learn about Goodwill Naples.

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