What furniture will Salvation Army take?

Does Salvation Army Pick Up Furniture from Inside the House?

If you’re doing some thorough cleaning, you might need to get rid of some old or worn-out furniture. Furniture might be big or heavy to remove. Some donation centers no longer accept upholstery due to concerns about bed bugs, pet hair, or infections.

Finding a firm that will take up furniture within a home can be tricky. Many companies will no longer enter homes to pick up rubbish or undesirable goods due to recent worries about Covid-19. You can drop off unwanted items directly at most donation sites.

Does the Salvation Army take up furnishings inside a home? The Salvation Army is a Christian NGO. They run donation centers and secondhand stores to assist raise funds. Many people consider donating old products to a store to earn tax deductions or just get rid of clutter. But most people are unaware of their pickup services.

Does Salvation Army Offer Furniture Pickup?

The Salvation Army takes a variety of different types of donations. From monetary donations to household products and clothes donations, everything that helps improve the lives of the less fortunate is greatly appreciated. Often, donations of furniture or household goods can be picked up at your location.

This is a helpful solution for individuals who cannot donate heavy things to their neighborhood Salvation Army. Additionally, it is convenient for individuals who wish to give stuff but cannot drive.

Types of items that are accepted as donations include:

  • Men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing
  • furniture such as beds, filing cabinets, chairs, couches, tables, etc., but should be in good condition
  • Appliances including washing machines, dryers, air conditioners, cookers, microwaves, televisions, and refrigerators.
  • Non-motorized devices such as bicycles, lawnmowers, toys, and even office equipment
  • Cars

Donations must be in good functioning order, be clean and ready to use, and adhere to current safety requirements. Given that pickup services are a cost to the company keeping the items in the finest condition possible is prudent. If you have any concerns about a potential contribution, the best course of action is to contact your local Salvation Army.

Salvation Army donation excluded list

Bear in mind that the Salvation Army doesn’t agree to the donation of any item in poor condition. The Salvation Army will refuse to accept anything that it cannot sell. The following is a list of products that are prohibited:

  • Baby items, such as toys, car seats, and high chairs
  • Televisions, including tube, console, and projection TVs
  • Old entertainment centers and Television armoires
  • Some desks, like metal, school, or office desks
  • Appliances that are more than a decade old
  • Integrated appliances, such as ovens or dishwashers
  • Bedspreads and box springs that have tears, holes, physical damage, and stains)
  • Furniture with rips, broken bits, stains, smells, or pet hair on the surface

Scheduling a Donation Pickup

Your local Salvation Army store’s policies and capabilities determine pickup availability. Visit the company’s website and input your ZIP code under “Schedule a pickup.” If digital services are available in your location, you will be notified.

Your belongings will be picked up from your home if you reside in an area where you can schedule a pickup online. After that, you can schedule your pickup. Delivery routes for trucks affect date availability. You can tell the driver where to leave the products on your premises or if they should knock on the door to pick them up, among other things. Complete your reservations by creating a free online account.

If online services are unavailable, the pickup may still be possible. Call the nearby Salvation Army offices to see if they will accept your donation, and the system will supply you with their phone number. Please provide a description of your donation, as this may affect whether or not they may pick it up at your home. If you live in a territory that offers this service, you may be able to pick up your donation. 

You can also phone the Salvation Army’s regional toll-free number to begin the procedure if you prefer not to start online. A staff member will divert your call to a local office for assistance.

Are There Issues About Salvation Army Coming for Pick Up?

While Salvation Army pickup services are lovely and convenient, there are some drawbacks. Besides not accepting all things, the Salvation Army’s pickup squad is not a professional moving team.

Because the people they send aren’t professionals at removing unwanted stuff, they may harm your property. Hopefully not, but Salvation Army pickup teams have accidentally damaged flooring, walls, or furniture.

Removing heavy objects from a house takes skill and practice. Moving a large piece of furniture like a couch or wardrobe might be difficult or impossible due to tight corners, steep stairs, and narrow walls.

Homeowners should be wary of hiring unskilled junk removal teams like Salvation Army movers. Despite their best efforts, accidents do occur. It’s important to be alert to new issues and prepared for them.

Moving furniture and covering surfaces with towels or cloths can help the Salvation Army movers. 

Precious goods can be moved out of the house and placed on the porch or curb for pickup.

Utilizing a Junk Removal Service

Junk removal firms are experts in their field. They will not only come to your home but will also remove rubbish efficiently and safely. They are used to navigating tiny corridors, stairs, and low ceilings because they regularly enter and exit homes to remove the rubbish. This decreases the risk of floor or wall damage. Finally, you may save time and money.

They also don’t care if the products are too old or broken because they specialize in junk hauling. So, you won’t have to seek a place to donate your items that the Salvation Army didn’t take. Instead, a rubbish removal service can be hired once and done.

Finally, garbage disposal is quick and easy. Notifying the Salvation Army or any donation place may be helpful. However, rubbish removal services operate fast to get your unnecessary elements out of your way.


Along with monetary gifts, the Salvation Army takes vehicles, furniture, appliance, garment donations, and various other household items. While certain things are not accepted owing to safety concerns or legal limits, the group accepts most household goods in good shape.

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