What Charity Will Pick Up Large Furniture for Free?

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Do free furniture removal service companies exist in my city? Large furniture can be tough to move and tough to sell, so many people look for ways to get the furniture out of the home, without throwing it in the trash or recycling it.

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Donating Furniture

Donating furniture is one of the best ways to get rid of a single couch or maybe a few items out of your house or off your property. Many times these charities will even roll up to your door and remove the furniture and take it away at no charge. This is a great no-worry service residents can enjoy while giving back to the local communities at the same time.

Whether you are looking to move, tidying up your house, clear your property or just needing to get rid of a large piece of furniture to make more space, using a charity to help get rid of the couch helps yourself along with the recipients of the furniture. It’s a win-win situation for all.

When donating a large piece of furniture, you will need to schedule a pickup date with the charity. Once your item is picked up it is given a second chance at life with someone else.

This article will lay out a number of charities, that may be available in your area. These charities are ones that can help with the acceptance of your donation, remove it from your home, and offer the couch to the new recipients.

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What Charity Will Pick Up My Furniture for Free?


GreenDrop functions on the east coast of the United States. This organization raises funds by picking up donations from individuals with offerings. The American Red Cross, the National Federation of the Blind, Military Order of the Purple Heart, and the Society of St. Vincent de Paul of Philadelphia all receive the benefits GreenDrop creates.

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GreenDrop offers free donation pickups and that is just the beginning, as this organization goes well above and beyond most others. GreenDrop not only will pick up your large furniture, but they go the extra mile. When a person has a large number of items that might be donatable, GreenDrop will send a team to go through the home, looking for household items and clothing, and other items that may be worthy of donating.

After the items for donation are located, GreenDrop will help pack the items for safety and remove the items for donation. GreenDrop service is not available throughout the United States yet, but the service is growing each year.

Is GreenDrop in your City?

Available in New Jersey, Delaware, DC, Northern Virginia, Baltimore metro area, and the Philidelphia metro area, GreenDrop is looking to serve as many as possible. When a person donates to Greendrop, there is a good feeling that comes along with it, because GreenDrop donates the items to local thrift stores and the funds go directly to the charity.

What items does GreenDrop Accept?

GreenDrop raised over $3.1 million dollars in the year 2018. GreenDrop accepts many items as donations such as; household goods, tools, electronics, clothing, toys, and furniture. GreenDrop can’t take all kinds of furniture, however, they have put together a list of everything that is not accepted as a donation here.

The American Red Cross offers pick-up, to learn more about The American Red Cross Furniture donation pick-up program, click here.

The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army is probably the most well-known thrift store in the United States. They are known for carrying a great many items for resale that came by way of donation from the general public.

Being an international organization helping people with a great many needs including hunger, addiction, human trafficking, disaster relief, and more, this organization seems to help from the top to the bottom of society’s needs. The Salvation Army really is helping people across the planet and they and they can also help with the removal of large furniture for donation to them.

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What Items Does The Salvation Army Accept?

There are a number of items the Salvation Army cannot accept such as; metal desks, TV armoires, particleboard furniture, and also baby items such as car seats and high chairs. The great news is before you schedule a pick-up, you can call the staff and they will let you know if the item is acceptable.

The Salvation Army can not only remove furniture, but also many other items such as; clothing, appliances, and even automobiles. Online services are available to set up a pick-up time for your large furniture removal needing removal. The Salvation Army removes items at no charge to the donator.

The Salvation Army website now offers the ability to schedule a pickup by visiting this page.

Habitat for Humanity Junk Removal?

Habitat for Humanity has services available in all 50 states in the United States of America as well as 70 other countries across the world. The main focus for the organization is building affordable and safe homes for families in need, however, the organization also does pick up large furniture from donators.

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Schedule with Habitat for Humanity

Once a week, Habitat for Humanity offers their free service of picking up the furniture. It’s best to contact the organization by phone to schedule a pick-up date and time. Your donation will go into good hands, as all furniture that goes through the organization and raises funds will go directly to those in need. The organization accepts many items such as; appliances, vehicles, boats, snowmobiles, construction equipment, airplanes, and also large furniture.

Schedule your pick-up with Habitat for Humanity by clicking here.


Goodwill stores are online and local, and they offer local pickup of large furniture for free at most locations. Donating a piece of furniture or any item helps get citizens back on their feet through the job training programs provided. Goodwill does accept many different donations such as; clothing, dishes and glassware, electronics, and many other items, even RVs and boats.

The furniture donation program is very effective. Large furniture and other items can be dropped off at your local Goodwill store, however, there is a free pick-up option available by the organization as well. All donations go to the job training of those in need of it.

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Pick Up Please

This organization is a program by and for the Vietnam Veterans of America or VVA. There is a great online calendar that allows for the free pickup of larger furniture and other items. Pickup is available in Colorado, California, Delaware, Connecticut, Florida, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia.

All donations go to the funding of the vets’ programs. Most furniture can be picked up in a 24 period. Being home when the pick people arrive is not necessary. Learn more at their website

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Furniture Bank

All donations are given to Furniture Banks go directly to women and children in need, unemployed, working poor, immigrants, and helping the previously homeless. The Furniture Bank functions in 34 states currently in the United States. These are local stores, so find a store near you to schedule a pick-up for larger furniture and items. The organization picks up large furniture and other large items and it is always a free service.

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The Arc

The Arc works to help those who have developmental and intellectual disabilities. The organization accepts large furniture donations and many other items such as; clothing, books, shoes, kitchen items, electronics, decor, and even cars and other items.

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Free Pick-Up Program

One of the main ways this organization raises funds is through its free pick-up program. It is best to visit their website and find a local chapter that accepts large furniture donations. The Arc sells items at local thrift stores to bring in the donation money.


American Veterans, also known as AMVETS, do their part to help local veterans and the families they love. Providing services to the vets in the way of jobs, assistance, and other service programs as well. Find out which location can help with normal everyday items by using their schedule a pick-up form.

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Prepping for AMVETS Pick-Up

Normal pickups require the donator to pack things into boxes and leave them out by the curb in the morning. However, if donating larger items such as a large sofa, it is best to contact the local organization directly and find out how they can help and handle large furniture pick-ups. All donations go directly to fund veteran programs.

Severely Worn Furniture and Items

What if my furniture is old? Will companies pick up junk furniture for free? If the furniture and other items are not in good condition, sometimes the donation centers will not accept these items. The organizations may accept some items and yet, not others, and this can lead to frustration.

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Junk Removal Companies as an Option

If a person is not certain if the items are of high enough quality or require heavy lifting, there may be a better solution by hiring a junk removal company. A junk removal company can remove anything and everything that is needed to be removed. These services are not free, however, they are highly effective and can offer same-day service for local homeowners and local business.

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Putting your item outside on recycling day is an option too for old furniture but it might not get picked up unless you call your garbage company prior to the scheduled day to give them notification to schedule a special truck for bulk pickup.

Junk companies can not take trash, garbage and waste to the city landfill, only the contract waste management contractors are allowed to do that. However, junk companies can take larger items from a customers house or office property that require trucks to haul the item and they can recycle or scrap them in an eco-friendly manner.

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Conclusion on Free Furniture Removal Services

There are a great number of reasons people decide they need to remove a large piece of furniture from the home. Making a big move, purchasing new items, or if donating is the root cause to wanting to remove a large piece of furniture from the home, there are a number of services available to help.

Large couches can be difficult to remove from home by oneself. The organizations listed in this article offer a great service to the community. They can help remove large furniture by sending out organization reps to remove the item from the premises to be donated to charity.

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