What can you take from your foreclosed home?

If you’ve seen your home go from being a comfortable property to foreclosure, some things will be challenging to take with you. However, many things can be salvaged from your foreclosed home.

The general rule is that you are allowed to remove all of your personal belongings from the property, but you are not permitted to take any fixtures. In addition, what is allowed and considered a fixture varies by state law.

What is a Foreclosed Home?

When there is not enough money to pay off a mortgage, the bank will sell the home. The owner will then take title to what is left in the home.

In some cases, the old homeowners choose to sell their foreclosed home rather than leave because they want to move, or they may want to stock up on essentials like food and water.

What Can you Take from your Foreclosed Home?

Here’s a list of items that you can take in a foreclosed home:


The first thing to go in any foreclosure situation is electronics. THE BANK WILL DISPOSE OF the TV, the computer, and anything else with a hard drive. Be sure to remove anything from its power source before you leave.


You can remove furniture from your foreclosure if it is completely paid for and if the condition is acceptable to you. This includes mattresses, tables, chairs, or even a dining room set that has been put together for you by the previous owners.


When you take books from your foreclosed home, keep in mind that they can only be sold or donated by the library, not stolen or stolen. You can donate them to the library if you want to keep them.

Pots and Pans

You will want to remove all cookware, utensils, and other dishes used during a meal. These items cannot be taken with you in complete condition unless they were completely paid for and have no value. If you want to keep the pots and pans, you will remove them from the stove and dishwasher.

Personal Items

If you take personal items from a foreclosure home, make sure that there is money left in the home for your rent. Things that are not paid for, including furniture with personal items in them, cannot be removed unless they belong to you.


You could remove trees and shrubs if they were paid for on your property even though they are on the property of another. You will not be able to remove items outside of your home as a part of the foreclosure process.


The bank cannot require you to remove personal decorations from your home, such as pictures, memorabilia, and other items that you want to keep. You can take these with you if you choose to do so.


If you have a paid-for toolset or a set of tools you want to take with you, you can take them from your foreclosed home. You will need to remove them from the house and garage to do this.


If there are light fixtures with lightbulbs still in them, you must remove them. This includes the wiring as well. It is illegal for the bank to require homeowners when they leave their foreclosed homes.

You might wonder if the bank can prohibit you from taking anything from your home. There are some legal reasons to take items from your foreclosed home.

You could remove a toolset for use in another household that you will purchase. The bank cannot prevent this, even though it is wrongfully owned by someone else and has no value to the bank. You can donate or sell this set of tools if you choose to do so.

If you discover things owned by someone else, you can return them to the person who owns them and let the owners know where these items have been. If they do not want them, they can be disposed of appropriately.

Restrictions on Taking Goods and Items

Banks impose reasonable restrictions on their foreclosed homes. The bank cannot force you to take any specific items from the property. If you have a paid-for toolset that has no value to the bank, you have the right to keep it.

Notice that taking any items must be given ahead of time so the bank can make arrangements for this. This notice should include how many items you want to take, how much they will cost, and who you will deliver them to. Banks do not own a home and do not know who is living inside it yet. It is possible that there are people still living in your foreclosed home and that they will not want your belongings.

Foreclosure is a stressful time for everyone. If you can salvage something from your foreclosed home, it will make you feel better.

How to Take Stuff from a Foreclosed Home

There are a few things that you can do to prepare before you take anything from home.

First, talk it out with your bank if you want to take things. You need to make arrangements ahead of time and know how much you can take and what they will cost you. This will ensure no legal issues with taking items from your foreclosed home.

Second, go through the items in the property and designate what is yours and what is not. Make a list on paper or type it on a computer so that it is easy for you to access if needed in the future.

Third, keep records of everything that you take. You will want to list the items on a piece of paper or in a computer file so that they are easy to find later.

Finally, you will want to eliminate any financial issues with the items you want to take. If there is money left in your foreclosure home, you can take all of the goods and materials you want. If there is not enough money, you can leave some things behind and take most of what remains.

Reasons to Remove Good Things from a Foreclosed Home

There are legitimate reasons to take certain things, especially if they are paid for. These reasons may include:

You do not want the bank to take these items

Many of us have items in our homes that we do not want to give up. Perhaps you have a sentimental computer that belonged to one of your children or a favorite pair of shoes that are too small for you. You might also have things from years ago that are no longer used and should be thrown away because they are just taking space up with dust. You can donate or sell these items if you decide to keep them.

They belong to someone else, and you need money for rent

Many items in a foreclosure home belong to someone else, such as clothing, linens, dishes, furniture, and more. If you find something of someone else’s, you can return it to the rightful owner and let them know where it is. You can also keep the item if it brings extra money for you. If there is no money left for your rent, you may want to take these items.

They have a value

There are also items in a foreclosure house that have value to someone else, even if they do not value you or the bank. This could mean that any good tools in your home could be removed and given to charity or sold on the Internet quickly.

You agree to keep them

It would help if you did not try to take things that are not yours. This will cause legal issues as well as hurt your finances. You can take some of the things you own, but only if you agree to take them before taking anything else. The bank cannot legally tell you what furniture or home items to take. If you decide to leave the items behind, be sure that they do not belong to someone else and that there is money left over at the end of each month for your rent and food.

You might wonder about some of the legal issues you will face if you choose to take items from your foreclosed home.

You can give any items to charity

If you decide to retain all of the items in your foreclosure home, no law prohibits this action. It is perfectly legal to take personal property from a foreclosed home and donate it to charity. If there are still people living in the house, they will reclaim their belongings after they are gone.

You can sell the items on the Internet

If you want to sell things that are no longer needed, you can do it online. You do not need a broker, and many online retailers will buy things from you. Generally, internet sales are not taxed, and some items can be sold for as little as ten bucks. This is an excellent opportunity for people who have to deal with foreclosure because there is minimal cost involved.

You can keep all the items if you regain the property

You can take things from a foreclosed home legally and keep them as long as there is money left for food and rent. However, it would be best to get it in writing because banks do not permit this. If you are being evicted from the property, this permission is needed before you seize the personal items.

Complications with Taking Items from a Foreclosed Home

There are more reasons why it is important to take items out of a foreclosure property, but one thing that should be considered is what will happen to your property if this action causes legal problems.

The bank will want to sell the home

Even if you decide to take everything from your foreclosure property, the bank will still want to sell it. They may have more incentive than ever because they need the money to keep moving forward. If this is the case, they might do something like emptying your utility room or bathroom before putting it on the market. They might remove very little of your stuff so that they don’t have to deal with it themselves.

The bank will not want to repair the home

If there is money left over after you evict yourself from the property, it might be put into repairs. Unfortunately, many banks do not want to spend the money on the home because they feel it is easier to sell a home in disrepair. This means that your belongings will get damaged or thrown away, leaving you with nothing at all.

How to Protect Yourself

While foreclosure itself can be a challenging thing to handle, your possessions can also create many problems if they are not dealt with properly. If you have decided to take things from your foreclosed home, follow the steps below to stay legitimate and avoid legal issues with your bank.

Get a written agreement

If you decide to take things from your foreclosure property, you should get a written agreement stating that you can take certain items. Do not rely on oral agreements or a conversation with an employee of the bank because this could cause many problems later on. Ensure that there is money left over for food and rent every month before taking anything else, and make sure that you are doing this with the owner’s permission.

Get the bank’s permission

To legally take things from a foreclosure home, you have to have the bank’s permission. If the bank has not legally allowed you to take the items, they will get rid of them, and this could cause problems later on. The more personal items you take, the more likely they will try to sue you and your family.

Watch out for other people who might want to cause a problem

Alright, maybe everyone wants their stuff after a foreclosure but be careful not to get taken advantage of by someone else who might want it. The best way to prevent this is probably to have your lawyer go through the whole situation before making any decisions.

Hope for the best and prepare for the worst

This is probably the best advice that anyone in foreclosure can give, but it can provide you an opportunity to make mistakes as well. It is better to hope that you do not make mistakes than to make them and hope that you are still in a good position at the end of them.

When Not to Take Items from a Foreclosed Home

There are situations where taking items from a foreclosed home could cause more problems in your life than it solves. Here are some examples of these times.

Bills might be higher

Even if you try to make it pleasant for yourself, extra expenses might drive you into debt. If you can afford food and rent each month, there is no reason for you to pay for things like eating out and new clothes when there are much less expensive options. By taking things from the property and buying them elsewhere, this money could go entirely away from your family instead of going towards your bills.

You might get in trouble for taking the items

The laws of most states state that you are allowed to take certain items from a property. However, there is always a chance that you might be charged with theft if you decide to do this. Furthermore, some people will react negatively to this and might do things like breaking into your home. This can have significant consequences if it happens with the police present and after a person has already been hurt at the house.

You will not gain anything from the items

The average person who can deal with foreclosures knows that the price for a bag of trash is about all you can expect to get from them. There are many things that you could take from a property if you have time and space, but if most of what is left after you have taken things is trash, then it might not be a good idea to do so.

There is a lot to consider before taking something from a foreclosure property. You have to seriously think about what might happen after taking the items out of the home, and you have to understand that those items may not be worth the trouble.
If you are in foreclosure or are considering it, it is crucial to ensure that your personal belongings are dealt with appropriately.

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