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The 9 Best Demolition Contractors in Naples, Florida

Naples Florida is a beautiful city, but even the most picturesque locations need demolition at some point. If you’re in need of a demolition contractor, then you’re in luck! In this blog post, we will be discussing the services and features offered by nine of the best demolition contractors in Naples FL.

9 Best Demolition Contractors in Naples, Florida

Junk Hauling Express

Junk Hauling Express offers a variety of demolition services to Naples and the surrounding communities. As a locally owned and operated junk removal business, it’s our mission to provide the highest quality junk removal and demolition offerings to our community. Our demolition services include bathroom demolition, kitchen demolition, shed removal, deck removal, concrete removal, hot tub removal, and more! If you have any questions about our services, give us a call at 239-356-6793. We’d be happy to answer any questions you have about our demolition process!

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Junk Hauling Express Full Service Demo

  • Check off this challenging task without lifting a finger!
  • Just schedule an appointment once you’re ready to see this old shed disappear.
  • When we show up, we’ll examine your shed and give you a no-obligation quote before we begin.
  • After our work is complete, we’ll make sure all debris was cleaned up, leaving your cleared space looking great!


We are a company that makes the difference in the remodeling world. We value our customers and the environment. Our experienced staff, specialized equipment and Eco-friendly services make us a leader in SW Florida.

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Our Services

  • Selective Demolitions
  • Concrete Cutting
  • Flooring Removal
  • Core Drilling
  • Construction Clean Up
  • Waste Management
  • Dumpster Rentals

Removal1 TTM

Removal1 TTM is dedicated to seeing each project through to completion while adhering to stringent safety practices and delivering exceptional work. We have completed projects ranging from the demolition of interior single-family homes to a simple kitchen, baths or flooring projects. We operate in a wide range of locations, Naples, Estero, Bonita Springs, Marco island and Golden Gate. Whatever the project size or type, we develop and implement detailed plans to complete projects safely, accurately, on time, and within budget.

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 Every demolition and excavation project presents unique challenges. At Removal1 TTM, we prioritize quality workmanship, safety, and customer satisfaction. This commitment has led to years of exceptional work in the industry, growth as one of the largest demolition contractors in the area, and a stellar reputation with our clients.

Bradanna Inc

Bradanna, Inc has been in Business for 55 years. Our business began in 1962 by Brad and Anna Steinmann in the State of Iowa.

During 1984 the firm completed the relocation of the family and company to Naples, Florida. On September 12th, 1986 the firm became incorporated under the name of BRADANNA, INC.

Bradanna Inc is a Florida State Registered General Contractor. Licenses # CGC 1507312.

In Naples, we have established an excellent reputation for on-time performance both commercial construction, remodeling projects an site/demolition work.

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Our company expertise and performance is commercial construction and site development including: paving, excavating, grading, Curbing, utilities and demolition.

Our company is long established. Our personnel are thoroughly trained and experienced. Our reputation as knowledgeable and professional contractors is well known.

Commercial projects constructed by Bradanna Inc. may each vary in style- but each site reflects the company philosophy of providing exceptional quality while delivering incomparable value to our customers. With our family name on each project and our character on the line, we manage all aspects of the company’s operations – from bidding and estimating, to site construction and project completion. This level of commitment guarantees that your project meets your expectations and delivers on schedule.

Delicate Demo

Delicate Demo was spawned from the idea of “delicate” removals of cabinetry and other fixtures with residual use, though we quickly emerged as a full-blown demolition company. Our wheelhouse is residential and commercial interior demolition – selective take-out or full interior purge. We also have experience taking down small/medium structures. We have considerable experience in low-mid-high condo buildings, office buildings, townhomes, single family detached, and other residential and commercial structures.

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Of peak importance are site protections (floors, walls, elevators, etc.), and general work decorum. We understand the paramount importance of professionalism and cleanliness, and our labor force has been well-trained to execute accordingly.

Our pricing is derived from standard takeoff values which are consistent with industry standards, and consistent from job to job. In fact, we generally come in on the lower end of the price spectrum. Estimates are always provided timely, job starts are rarely delayed, and Gantt expectations almost always upheld.

We have a number of trucks and dump trailers, giving us a key dimension of mobility and flexibility.

Our waste is always delivered to proper handling facilities, and we sell or donate items with secondary usefulness – we minimize our contribution to the landfill, as feasible.

Wreck-It Demolition

Wreck-It Demolition Inc. is a South West Florida based company specializing in structural demolition, selective demolition, floor removal, concrete removal, and roll off dumpster services. We work for some of the largest general contractors in the country of which 90% become repeat customers. We have successfully completed thousands of jobs from coast to coast including projects from 2 million square foot malls, gas stations, schools, restaurants, car dealerships, water towers, hotels, condos and large automotive dealership factories.

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Wreck-It Demolition has completed many large projects spanning a wide range of clients including industrial and commercial sites. Wreck-It Demolition is proud to offer a safe and efficient demolition service to companies throughout the United States. We completed the demolition of the 1.4 million square foot Millennium Mall in Hollywood, Florida. The project included the demolition and crushing of 130,000 yards of concrete which was recycled and used for the Fort Lauderdale Airport expansion.

Naples Excavating & Disposal, LLC

Naples Excavating is a complete site work and excavation contractor, and we strive to be recognized as the premier excavation services provider throughout Southwest Florida. Whether you’re looking to build on a single lot, or grade an entire development you can count on us to get the job done.

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With over 20 years’ experience, Naples Excavating is a fully licensed and insured excavating contractor servicing the needs of Southwest Florida. We have built many long-term, valued relationships with the finest general contractors and developers. By continuously raising the bar with our dependable quality, we have set ourselves apart from the competition. Naples Excavating moves the earth—literally—to make our clients happy.

Judd & Associates, Inc.

Judd & Associates, Inc. is a family owned and operated company servicing South West Florida for over 25 years. We offer both residential and commercial services to Lee and Collier cities like Naples, Fort Myers, Marco Island, Cape Coral and more. We also offer rental space for heavy equipment storage of all kinds located in Industrial Park, easily accessible from several of Naples main traffic corridors.

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Whether you are a homeowner or a business owner, you’ll find that when you contact our demolition service company we understand your needs and your concerns. We do all types of demolition, including:

  • Residential demolition
  • Commercial demolition
  • Exterior demolition of entire structures
  • Concrete demolition
  • Parking lot removal
  • Fire jobs
  • Container services
  • Emergency demolition

L2 Floor Care Inc

Established in 2005, L2 Demolition prides itself on being a DeConstruction Specialist. Our passion is where your Project begins! 

Intellectuals at heart, we are Certified, Licensed & Insured in Collier and Lee Counties, so from North Ft. Myers down to the Fakahatchee Strand we comply with all building & transport codes & guidelines. Everytime.

L2 Demolition specializes in Flooring Removal, Controlled & Precise Demolition, Construction Material Waste Removal, Dumpster Rental, Site Cleanup and more. We do our part 100%. From the moment we meet until the moment we remove the last speck of dust, L2 Demolition has your Project next to our hearts. 

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  • Residential & Commercial      
  • Wood & Tile Floor Removal
  • VCT, Marble, Glued Carpet Removal
  • Complete Interior Demolition- Controlled, Precise, Efficient & Clean Kitchen & Bath Demolition
  • Appliance/Cabinetry Removal
  • Concrete Cutting & Removal      
  • Driveway Removal   
  • Construction Site Cleanup
  • Deck Removals
  • Pool Cage Elimination
  • Dumpster Rentals….

Demolition contractors are essential for tearing down old buildings, structures, and more. We have highlighted the best demolition contractors in Naples Florida to help you make a decision on who to work with. Each of these companies offers their own unique set of services, so be sure to read through each one before making a final decision. Thanks for reading and we hope this article was helpful! As always, if you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below.

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