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My Five Favorite Handyman Services I Use For Home Improvement

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In the world of home ownership, there are always little things that need to be fixed or tweaked here and there. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by these small jobs. They seem minor in isolation, but add up over time into a big job you are probably not ready for yet. The trick is to find someone who can handle these smaller jobs on an hourly basis so they don’t become this huge burden later on. If you are a DIY kinda person and want to tackle most of these smaller tasks yourself, that’s awesome. Great job! You will save money and get great satisfaction out of the experience. However, if you’re like most people, you just don’t have time for all that right now. So let me share with you some advice about handyman services from my personal experiences as a homeowner over the past decade and as a real estate agent who sells houses.


What is a Handyman Service?

A handyman service is basically a company that employs skilled tradespeople for a range of jobs. Some specialize in small jobs and others focus on larger projects, but there is usually something for everyone. Handyman companies often specialize in a specific niche, such as plumbing, electrical, roofing, etc. You will probably want to hire a company that focuses on the services you need because it is less likely to hire unqualified workers who could cause issues on your property. Handyman services can take on almost any job related to your home. There are jobs that are too big for a handyman service, but they are few and far between.


Hiring Helpers

If you have never hired helpers before, you might feel a little awkward. But don’t worry; it is really common to feel a little nervous at first. If you have a large project coming up, it is a good idea to hire helpers. You will save yourself time, money and lots of frustration by hiring helpers to do some of the work. You can find helpers on craigslist or hire a company through a site like TaskRabbit. Here are a few things to keep in mind while hiring helpers: – Always start with a contract: If you hire people from craigslist, you should always start with a contract. It’s best to get a contract for any type of work, but it is especially important to do this for hired help because misunderstandings can be especially difficult to resolve. – Be prepared: If you want your hired helpers to be successful, you need to give them the tools they need to do a good job. Make sure you have the right equipment for them to use. You should also be prepared with a plan for how the work should be done. – Be flexible: Be flexible with your hired helpers. Things rarely go exactly according to plan when working with other people. Let them do their jobs and be flexible when something goes wrong or takes longer than expected. – Pay workers what they are worth and pay them on time. This is critical. If you don’t pay a worker when you say you will, they will leave. If a worker leaves before the project is done, you have legal recourse if they were hired through a website like TaskRabbit.


The Good Guys

The companies below have been around for a long time and have built a solid reputation for providing quality work and happy customers. – Home Advisor – This is a free service that connects you with contractors across the country. This is probably the best place to start if you want to hire a good contractor. You can look through reviews from other homeowners who have used a service. This is a great way to narrow down potential contractors and find one who might be a great fit for your project. – Thumbtack – This is another website that connects homeowners with contractors. If you use this site, be sure to read reviews and select contractors who have high ratings. You can also narrow down contractors by the types of work they do. – Contractors Network – This site is free for homeowners and contractors alike. There are quite a few contractors on this site so you can probably find someone near you to do the work you need done.


The Bad Guys

Unfortunately, there are companies that pose as handyman services but are actually scammers. They will take your money and do very little or nothing at all. Here are some tips to avoid getting scammed. – The best way to avoid getting scammed is to look for contractors with verified reviews. All of the companies listed above have verified reviews from customers who have used their service. – Avoid contractors who only have a phone number or email listed. You can try calling or emailing, but it is best to avoid these types of contractors altogether. – Avoid contractors who say they will come to your home, look at the problem and then let you know the price. This is a sign that they are scammers who are hoping you will get impatient and give up on them. – Avoid contractors who have only worked on small jobs. If a company has only done small jobs, it is probably too small to do the job you need done.


Finding the Right Helpers

If you want to hire a contractor to do the work on a larger project, you need to do some research. Here are some tips to help you find the right contractor for the job. – Talk to friends and family: Ask your friends and family if they have any recommendations for contractors. You can also ask for contractor referrals from your realtor. If a contractor does work for realtors, it is a good sign that they are trustworthy. – Get at least three contractor estimates: When you have narrowed down contractors, get at least three estimates. It’s important to get multiple estimates so you can get a better idea of the pricing range for contractors in your area. It is also a good idea to get references from each contractor. – Check contractor licensing: You should always check contractor licenses. You can find your state contractor licensing board online or by calling your state government. You can also use the Better Business Bureau to look up contractor complaints in your area.


Bottom Line

Hiring a handyman service can save you a lot of time and money. It is also a great way to support local workers and entrepreneurs. You can find a company that specializes in the type of work you need done or find a general contractor who can take care of any job you throw their way.

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