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How to Help Someone with a House or Garage Cleanout

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If your friend has recently moved into a new home, started a new job, or simply expressed frustration with the state of their garage or house, it might be time to offer your assistance. It’s not always easy to offer advice on what to keep and what to throw away. That’s where you come in. If someone in your life needs help with a cleanout of their house or garage, here are some ways that you can lend them a hand. Whether they’ve expressed frustration about the state of their space or you just see an opportunity for them to have an easier time living in that space, lending a hand can go a long way. Read on for tips on how you can help them with this task.


Talk Before You Start Clearing Out

Depending on how overwhelmed your friend is, you may want to talk with them first. This can help you figure out what the problem areas are and what you might be able to help with. You can ask about the different areas of their house, what they’d like to do with each area, and how you can best help them with those things. If you offer to help with too much too soon, you may overwhelm them. Start with smaller tasks and work your way up to larger ones. You can also ask your friend what their goals are for the cleanout. Do they want to get rid of things they no longer use? Do they have a specific amount of time that they’d like to be done in? Do they have to move these items somewhere else, like to a storage unit? If so, you may want to take a break from the cleanout and help them move these items after they’ve been cleaned out.


Assign Tasks

If you or your friend has a list of tasks you need to complete, assign those tasks to one another. If you both want to tackle the same task, you can split the list in two and work together. If you want to help with a specific item on the to-do list, offer to handle that task for them. If you’re not sure what you can do to help out, ask your friend what tasks they’d like you to complete.


Go Through Their Stuff

Start going through the items in their house or garage. You can start by going through the items in their garage if they have more items than can fit in the garage at once. You can also go through the items in their house if they have more items than can fit in their house at once. You can start with a room or two and work your way throughout the house or garage. As you go through their items, you’ll want to decide whether or not they should keep the item. You can use the following questions to help you decide what to keep or throw out. You may want to keep a list as you go through their items so you can refer back to it at the end of the cleanout.


Donate What Doesn’t Get Cleaned Out

If your friend has items that they don’t want in their home or garage, but they don’t want to throw those items away, you can donate those items on their behalf. This can be a great way to help your friend declutter their space and help someone else out at the same time. If you donate items for your friend, make sure to keep a list of the items you donate so your friend can later thank you for your help. If you donate items, you may want to ask your friend what organizations they want to donate to. This will help you know where to take the items so they can make the biggest impact. You can also ask your friend if they have any special items they want to donate. This can be anything from a sports team’s equipment to seasonal decorations.


Throw Out the Things They Don’t Want

If you decide an item doesn’t belong in your friend’s home or garage, take it outside and throw it away. You can use one trash can for items your friend wants to throw away and another trash can for items you don’t want to throw away. This can prevent you from accidentally throwing away something they want to keep. You can also ask your friend to mark the items they want to get rid of so you know which items to throw away. You can also help your friend decide how to get rid of items. If your friend has a lot of large items, like furniture or appliances, you may want to take those to a local thrift store or trash and recycle center. If your friend has smaller items, like clothing or toys, you may want to hold a garage sale or host a free clothing swap with friends.


Help Your Friend Label and Organize Anything Left

If your friend has items left in their house or garage, whether they’ve cleaned out a room or the entire house, you can help them label and organize those items. This may be especially helpful if your friend has a lot of boxes left in their garage. You can help them label the boxes so they know what items are inside each box. You can also help your friend decide where to keep the items that are left. This can make it easier for your friend to use their house or garage going forward. If you find that you really enjoy helping your friend with a house or garage cleanout, you may want to think about starting a decluttering business. You can help people declutter their homes and garages and help them organize their belongings. You can charge per hour or by the project, depending on how often you want to clean out homes.



House and garage cleanouts can be incredibly helpful for your friend and their family. Cleanouts can help declutter your friend’s space and allow them to find items they may have otherwise forgotten they had. If your friend is ready to declutter their home or garage but needs help getting started, you can offer to help. Start by talking with your friend to find out what they want to do with their space, who wants to help, and what tasks you can do to help out. Then, use the tips above to decide how to clean out their space and help your friend declutter their house or garage.

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