How Much Should I Pay for Junk Removal?

Junk Removal Advice:

How much is junk removal?

Junk removal is a service that often involves the removal and pick up of unwanted items from a particular place. The items are hauled away from the property, never to be seen ever again as they end up going to a second-use store, a recycling center, or a disposal center.

On average, junk removal companies charge $75 to $650 per load, with the majority of jobs costing between $150 and $350. If you measure by square footage, the typical cost is about $1.50 per square foot.

Junk removal services tend to improve upon what standard trach removal services fall short of by offering the required labor and truck space to haul large waste loads.

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Hoarding Services

People often confuse junk removal services with hoarding clean-up services thinking that they are the same. With a hoarding removal service, the company that does the project must take some extra steps in filtering out the items meant to be kept and those to be thrown out. There is no filtering out of the items in a junk removal service, so everything is always thrown away.

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Handling junk & construction debris properly

There are many different types of junk: household junk, yard debris, yard waste, damaged clutter, construction or project debris, construction materials, sentimental clutter, unfinished projects, unmanaged trash heaps, unwanted clutter, old or broken appliances/ equipment, and old or broken furniture. The only way to determine if something is junk is by actually thinking about removing it. Junk companies are not licensed to haul hazardous waste, special licenses are required. Calling Waste Management or your local hazardous waste vendor is a better option for hazardous waste products.

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Clutter removal

When removing clutter, one may be sentimental and probably think it has value and wants to keep it, which results in a mix of both junk and clutter. However, if there is no concern about keeping anything from the pile or container, you can label it junk and note how much junk you have and, more importantly, where to store the junk before disposal.

Even if this is just junk, it should not be left exposed to weather as it would attract creatures such as vermin or bugs or even have potential mold growth.

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How dumpster rental & junk removal companies operate

Traditionally, private individuals offered the service, which was mainly a ‘one person with a truck’ kind of operation. A lot of gray area was created when it came to the cost of services and the quality. There was also an additional risk to customers since the waste was mishandled or illegally dumped, which impacted the environment.

Today the times have changed for the better with the rise of professional junk removal companies who provide new set standards such as; clean trucks, professional crew, insurance, and licensing. These changes have benefited the customers as the companies are more fair, trustworthy and offer fast services.

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Junk Services

The junk removal companies help you remove all different kinds of trash from your office or home space. Junk removal companies usually have these services on-demand, which means you can give them a call, and they will come to haul off your trash on the very same day, or you can make an appointment if you do not want to risk it.

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Many junk removal services will typically provide you with two choices for getting rid of junk:

1. Truck hauling

Truck hauling is a service where the company arrives at the location with a large truck fitted with a dumpster at the back. The junk is loaded into the dumpster and hauled away when they are done collecting it. When there is a need for post-renovation clean-ups or if your trash is already piled up, ready to go, opting for the service is the way to go.

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2. Dumpster rentals, waste containers or roll-off container

With the dumpster rental services, the company will bring and drop off a dumpster of your preferred size at your chosen location. The rental costs depends on the dumpster size. Dumpster delivered as a service, you fill-up the dumpster at your own pace, and when it is full, the company will return to haul it away. Dumpster rental/roll off containers, the option is an excellent choice if you are planning a home renovation project, commercial clean outs, small deck removal, yard cleanup, landscaping project, construction jobs or you are clearing a medium sized house, large house in the span of a few days.

How much is junk removal?

Costs involved in junk removal

When you need to toss out a lot of junk, you only have two options: rent a dumpster to fill it yourself or hire a junk removal company to haul it away. Both options have their benefits and drawbacks but will generally depend on where you live and how much your budget is. The cost depends on various factors, including the amount of junk being hauled, type of material being removed, and accessibility of the materials.

Since both services’ pricing will solely depend on your specific situation, it is not possible to obtain an accurate price. The average price for most full-service junk removal ranges from $100 to $800. Dumpster rental services could range anywhere between $200 to $500 per week.

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What junk removal pricing entails

A lot of factors go into the specific junk removal pricing of a company, and there are a lot of local and national companies, all with variable rates, which makes it challenging to obtain the exact rates for both dumpster rentals and full-service junk removal. Most companies do not offer online estimates and only offer pricing once a survey of the site is done by one of their employees to evaluate the removal job.

Cheapest way to remove junk?

Pricing for the junk removal service will significantly depend on where you live or reside. For example, a company in your home town will probably charge less than one further away. Some companies may even fail to service certain areas, which leads to fewer options being available and higher prices.

In addition to the location factor, some of these may also affect the pricing of both dumpster rental and full-service junk removal; gas prices, seasonality, and demand, how much time a job takes, and local disposal fees.

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Are there junk removal standard prices?

The amount of junk you are throwing away is the last pricing factor specific to full-service junk removal. If you are only removing a half truckload of junk, it won’t cost you as much as someone filling an entire truck full of junk. The factor does not apply to rented dumpsters as you are charged the same no matter how much you have filled the dumpster though extra charges may apply for overfilling. So always be sure to go for a dumpster that suits your job. For reliable clear affordable prices, call a local junk company to get a free estimate before the work begins.

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Choosing a junk removal company

There is a large number of junk removal companies out there. It is recommended to choose and compare between at minimum three different companies based on availability and pricing to choose one that best suits your needs. Through this method, you have a guarantee that the company will offer the best services possible at the best prices. The following tips will help you choose your junk removal expert:

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Check the jobs and competence of the company

When hiring a new junk removal company, it is essential to look at the reviews and customer feedback. This way you can know about past customers’ experiences and whether they recommend working with the company. You will also get some additional insight into their reliability and equipment.

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Check the pricing

Since every work to be done requires a specific budget, money is a crucial factor cutting across all industries. It is not recommended to choose a company with low prices, but you need to find one you can afford. If you find a company that is a little bit expensive, always ensure you get value for your money. It is always advisable to compare the rates offered by different companies before making a selection.

Check the capabilities

Depending on the scope of the junk removal job you require, it is essential to check if the company you are selecting can handle it. It’s one thing to get rid of clutter from a house and another to manage jobs like demolition debris. With a company offering a large variety of services, it is much safer to place a bet on them since they will handle it.

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Pick a company that goes green

Construction wastes and debris account for most of the waste in many countries. It is essential to choose a company with greener processes to reduce the increasing creation of waste landfills. Many junk removal companies correctly dispose of waste and recycle as much junk material as possible, meaning you do not have to drop your waste at a recycling center as the junk removal company will do it for you.

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Check on professionalism

It is also essential to check on the professionalism of any company before hiring them. It will help enrich your confidence in them as finding a company that has a good amount of experience helps you know they will do an excellent job.

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The takeaway

Dumpster rental or Junk removal can be very tedious work, and when you can not handle the workload, you should reach out to a professional junk removal company. General cleaning companies can handle smaller jobs, but a junk removal company is what you need when it comes to projects of a much larger scope.

Dumpster rental and Junk removal companies offer the right solution for how to get rid of stuff before you move. The way a particular company handles your stuff is much dependent on the amount and type. If you have things to haul, save yourself a lot of trouble and time and bring in experts in the profession to do the job.

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