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How much does it cost to demolish a bathroom for renovation?

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Bathrooms are incredibly functional by nature. As such, they get plenty of daily use in all households. This, in turn, makes them vital spaces for demolition and renovation. After all, no one desires to prepare for the long day ahead in a dirty, old shower or bathroom with mildew.

On Average, hiring a professional to demolish your bathroom may cost anywhere from $550 to $2,250 or more. The average cost of a whole bathroom renovation is around $13,500. A full remodel will probably boost the value of your home by more than $9,500.

Renovating a bathroom space plays a critical role in increasing your property’s value. Besides, it offers you and your family a fresh new and comfy space to enjoy a great bathing experience.

However, the cost holds most homeworkers back from demolishing their bathrooms: The project can be costly.

According to most online sources, the cost to demolish a bathroom for renovation is about $6,500 to $70,000 per year. This may vary depending on the size of the bathroom, labor and any other high-end amenities and fixtures. NKBA (the National Kitchen and Bath Association) reports that in 2019, homeowners spent $32000 on average to demolish and renovate their bathrooms.

Generally, the cost to demolish a bathroom for renovation tends to vary from one contractor to another. Plus, there are many other aspects involved in the demolition process that ultimately influence the overall pricing.

This cost guide will look at how much money you may need to demolish and renovate your bathroom. So, keep reading to the end!

How Much Does It Cost to Demolish a Bathroom for Renovation?

Here’s the breakdown of the costs you can expect to pay when you hire someone to demolish your bathroom for renovation:

National Average Cost of Demolishing a Bathroom

The price of a bathroom demolition project at a national level ranges from $500 to $2000. It is the average cost you can expect to incur on all types of bathroom demolition when combined.

To estimate the cost to demolish your bathroom, first determine the workload you need. Then tally the average cost to cater to every task.

By doing this, you can get quite an accurate estimate cost of a bathroom demolition project. That’s regardless of how much you intend to spend renovating or remodeling your bathroom.

Examples of Bathroom Demolition Costs

Demolition Project Lowest Cost Average Cost High-end Cost
Bathtub/shower removal $70-$90 $90-$110 $110-$140
Vanity Removal $40-$70 $70-$100 $100-$130
Removing Toilet $60-$90 $90-$110 $110-$160
Floor Removal $60-$100 $100-$130 $130-$170
Removing Sink $30-$60 $60-$80 $80-$100
Removing Drywall $90-$130 $130-$170 $170-$210

The price of a bathroom demolition will vary greatly due to various factors. These include:
• Bathroom size
• Type of materials to be removed
• The extent to which the demolition project needs to be done

Hourly Rates Bathroom Demolition

Different contractors may decide how much to charge for their projects basing on the duration for completing the project. But not just a specific job they’re doing.

It takes roughly 5 to 15 person-hours to demolish a bathroom. However, the duration may vary depending on the bathroom size and the materials used in the process.

For instance, projects which use lead or asbestos require careful handling. These toxic materials also need proper disposal basing on local environmental regulations. As a result, the project may be extended.

Similarly, if any unforeseen issues arise, you may expect to have your bathroom demolition project prolonged.

Different projects require different amounts of time to complete. The bathroom size is the main factor. For instance, it takes one man 8-15 hours to demolish a 6-ft by 6-ft bathroom.

Now, suppose the price per hour is $40; if you do the calculation, you will expect to pay approximately $320 to $640. This translates to $3.20 to $6.40 for every square foot.

• A plumber will charge you a call-out fee of about $60-$100. The hourly rates will often range between $100 and 4250, depending on your location and plumber.
• Tilers price their tasks between $45 and $250 every hour.
• The sparkies charge a service fee of $70 to $130 and $70 to $95 each hour.

As for services related to bathroom demolition, you can expect to pay:
• Tile removal: $25-$50 per square meter
• A mixture of heavy waste: $235 when you hire a skip
• Disposal of the large walk-in bin, which is full of a light mix of waste: $375 to hire a skip

How is Bathroom Demolition Done?

Your remodeling plans will ultimately determine the kind of bathroom demolition process to adopt. Typically, there are five simple steps to demolish a bathroom for remodeling:

Step 1: Switch off your home’s water and electricity supply
Step 2: Remove the sinks, cabinets, and vanity
Step 3: Detach the toilet
Step 4: Remove the shower or bathtub
Step 5: Tear out the bathroom walls and flooring

How to Save on Bathroom Demolition Costs

Demolishing your bathroom can, at times, be expensive. As a result, you may look for different ways to save some money on the project. This section will discuss the five ways you can use to save on your bathroom demolition costs, especially if you’re operating on a budget:

1. Get Different Quotes

Getting a cost estimate from several companies or contractors is one of the simplest ways to save money on a bathroom demolition project.

This enables you to get the most suitable price charge in your area. Besides that, you’ll be able to use the price of Contractor A as a basis for negotiating with another contractor.

However, it is advisable to consider a bathroom demolition company basing on the quality services they provide. Ensure that the company or contractor is fully insured and licensed by the local authority. Plus, they should have an exceptional reputation. If they meet these requirements, go ahead and hire them.

2. Get Recommendations

The demolition company you choose may be offering the best price but still not worth the hire. After all, you’ll get what you pay for.

It is wise to seek recommendations from your family and friends when choosing a demolition contractor. This may play a vital role in saving you from wasting your time and money on poorly done projects.

Check-in your neighborhood if there’s anyone who recently hired a contractor to demolish their interior. Then inspect if they had perfect results. If so, consider moving in the same direction.

Besides, your friend or family member may be having an experience based on handling bathroom demolition projects. If not, they may be knowing someone else who does so.

3. Engage yourself in the demolition project

Demolishing or renovating your bathroom shouldn’t be such a big deal. All you need to do is remove and replace some old bathroom fixtures and worn-out flooring to transform your space.

If you can take part in the demolition process and replacing the bathroom hardware and flooring, you can save on the overall cost.

You’ll find it pretty fun just swinging a sledgehammer and removing some items in the space. Be careful when removing any vanities, cabinets, and many others, as causing any damage would impact your home’s structural integrity.

Other than that, you may accidentally hit electrical wires, plumbing, cooling and heating ducts. These may be costly and quite dangerous. That’s why it is advisable to leave complex bathroom demolition projects to the experts.

4. Deconstruct and Donate

Some charitable organizations provide free demolition services, and in return, they’ll the salvaged items. Again this may depend on demand.

Here, a team of volunteer experts will visit your home and remove items still in good condition. These may include things like:
• Countertops
• Sink fixtures
• Flooring
• Toilets, etc.

Some of the most common charities that offer demolition services are:
• The ReUse People
• Habitat for Humanity

The good thing with these demolition services is that you don’t need to strip out your space completely. After finishing their task, you may find some extra demolition tasks to complete.

5. Don’t Relocate Electrical and Plumbing Systems

It can be quite time-consuming and cost-saving to relocate your bathroom fixtures such as toilets and sinks. Therefore, consider replacing them if it is possible. Here, you may want to visit some of the best sellers of bathroom supplies and fixtures online.

How to Choose the Right Bathroom Demolition Contractor

Like any other project, it is critical to find someone who will get the job done perfectly. The last thing you want is to hire someone to help you with the bathroom demolition task, only for them to do some shoddy work. To make sure that doesn’t happen to you, here are some questions you’ll need to ask them:
• Do you have a license?
• Are you fully insured to work in my home? (They must have Public Liability Insurance and Workers Compensation Insurance)
• Can you give me a written quote?
• Are there any referees I can call?
• Can you provide your past work samples?

Whether you’re planning to demolish a small or large bathroom, always as for a well-itemized quote with prices of all the materials to be used.


Demolishing a bathroom for renovation can be quite expensive if you’re not careful enough. But these costs tend to vary depending on your location, contractor you choose, the size of the room, and other types of materials needed.

So, how much does it cost to demolish a bathroom for the renovation? Well, you can pay anything from $25 to $250 per hour to get the job done. Alternatively, you can opt for experienced and qualified demolition companies or contractors who may charge any amount from $250 to about $3000 per project.

The average cost per year ranges from $6500 to about $70000 or even more. These estimates also vary greatly. That said, be sure to consider the best junk removal company for your bathroom demolition projects. They are incredibly affordable, reliable, licensed, and boasts the best years of experience with a strong reputation.

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