How Does Junk Removal Work?

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Keeping your home or office clean can be harder than you think. It’s not just a matter of picking up garbage – often, much of the clutter in your space comes from those bigger items that you can’t just drag out to the curb. If you’re thinking about getting rid of your excess waste, you may want to let the professionals do the heavy lifting. Below is just a bit of what you might need to know about working with a junk removal service.

What are Junk Removal Services?

Junk removal is a process by which individuals or businesses hire a service to remove unwanted junk or unwanted items from their property. These items can range from large pieces of furniture that would otherwise be difficult to move to the trash to debris generated from demolition work, with a few exceptions related to those items that would be hazardous to transport. Junk removal commonly happens via truck, but some junk hauling services can provide their customers with dumpsters that can be hauled away after they have been filled.

Contacting Junk Removal Companies

The first step in working with a junk removal company involves contacting the service. While it’s still fairly normal to contact your junk removal service on the phone, an increasingly large number of services now have websites that will allow you to contact the company online. Some will let you fill out all of your paperwork ahead of time, while others will simply send your information on to the company so that they can contact you in the future.

The initial contact is going to require you to share a fair bit of information. Every junk removal company has its limitations on what it can and cannot do, after all, and those companies that are successful only have a limited number of slots available for pickups on any given day. Junk removal companies offer different junk removal services, you need to check to make sure they offer the proper service for your job. Also, you’ll need to not only ensure that your pickup location is within the driving radius of the company, but that you have something that the company will be able to dispose of. Once you’ve filled out some of your basic information, you should be able to work with the company to figure out a pickup time and place.

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Junk Removal Prices

Perhaps the most important thing that you’ll get from your initial contact with the junk removal company is a quote. Junk removal costs can vary due to a number of factors, but the most important tends to be the amount of junk that you need to haul away. The more than you need removed, the less room there will be on the truck and thus the fewer customers with which the junk removal company can work that day. As such, you should be prepared for a higher quote if you’re having quite a bit of junk removed.

Working with a Junk Removal Company

Once you get your quote, you can choose whether or not to work with a specific junk removal company. It’s important to remember that spots do fill up quickly, so you may not get the time or date that you want if you don’t respond in a timely manner. It’s also important to remember that many junk removal companies do charge more for moving items on weekends or during certain peak hours, so even a small change in your schedule can have a huge impact on the cost of your service.

Once you do sign up with the service, you’ll likely get a list of things that the company needs from you. Most junk removal companies simply need an adult present while they remove the junk from your home or office, while others might specify that you have to move certain large items to a lower floor or even out to the curb. All of this information should be relayed to you along with your initial contract, but don’t feel shy about contacting the junk removal company if you have questions. The better prepared you are, the faster they can do their work.

It’s very important to make sure that you’re only asking the junk removal company to remove the items for which they are contracted to move. If you’re asking them to move a large quantity of garbage bags, for example, don’t expect them to grab a couch at the same time. Most junk removal experts will make sure that you’re incredibly clear about what you’re having moved ahead of time, to the extent that some might even come out and take measurements before they work with you. Stick to your contract, though, and you should have a straightforward experience.

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Removal and Transportation

When the day of the removal arrives, you can generally expect a few things to happen. The first is that the removal service will show up with a vehicle of some sort. Most utilize something akin to a large moving truck, while others might use smaller vehicles based on the size of the haul. The number of employees that are in the truck will vary depending on the service and what you need moved, but you should generally expect to see at least two people there to move whatever junk you need removed from your home or office.

When the service arrives, someone will generally speak to you to go back over your order. In most cases, they’ll make sure that you visually identify the item or items that need to be moved and that you clear out anything that’s in the way of moving those items. If you’re having items removed from outside, you may find that some services will simply come and remove those items without talking to you directly. This not only increases the speed with which the companies can work, but it also helps to reduce the face-to-face interactions necessary to get the job done.

The good news is that most junk removal companies are going to handle any moving process very professionally. If you have something that needs to be moved, you can expect the items to be hauled away with a minimum of fuss. What’s most important, though, is that you should generally expect that the price to which you have agreed won’t change even if the junk haulers encounter a problem as they move. The agreement you signed will cover not only hauling away any items you’ve agreed upon, but also any labor involved in loading up those items.

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After The Haul

The good news is that all of your responsibilities to your junk end once it is hauled away. Once loaded, those items become, at least temporarily, the property of the junk removal company and they can do one of a number of different things with your junk. In some cases, they’ll take the items out to a local dump to make sure that they are properly sorted and disposed of. In others, they may take them to recycling centers so that the items can be recycled and reused. Some removal services even take old furniture to be restored so that it can be resold or even donated to charities.

You should expect to be charged by the junk removal company ahead of your move, though some do wait to charge you until your items have been successfully loaded on the truck. There should not be any different between the price of your estimate and the price that you eventually pay, as all of those issues should be squared away by the time your items are moved. Most junk removal companies won’t contact you after moving your items, but some will follow up with you to make sure that everything went smoothly.

The junk removal process is one that can be incredibly helpful to those who need to get rid of large objects or who need to move a great deal of junk all at once. Contacting a good company is easy and the service will really will do all the work for you once you have a contract in place. If you’re looking to clean out your home or office and are unable or unwilling to remove the larger pieces of junk yourself, you should absolutely consider contacting one of these services to do the heavy lifting for you.

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