How can I get rid of furniture for free?

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How to get rid of old furniture for free? Are there companies that specialize in furniture removal service? Bulk furniture removal with one phone call and no heavy lifting?

On average, to get rid of furniture for free, you have a few options: hire a junk removal company, donate to a local charity, sell it, call your city to pick it up, or give it away to a friend or family member.

Getting rid of furniture can be a hassle, specifically because furniture is bulky and heavy, and more often than not, you may have to dispose of several pieces. When you move out, do a deep clean, or get new furniture to replace the old, it will help to have a well-thought-out plan. Having an organized plan makes the process of getting rid of your furniture more efficient, simple, and safe. There are multiple ways you can get rid of the furniture lying around your home. For instance, you could donate the furniture, sell it online or in a garage sale, put it on the curb, haul it away, or hire a junk removal company.

Junk Removal Services?

One of the easiest ways to get rid of furniture is by using a junk removal company. You will not have to do all the heavy lifting by yourself or worry about how you will drop it off at the dump or for donation on your own. Therefore, look up the junk removal companies in your area and find out how they can help you get rid of unwanted furniture. When you work with a junk removal company, they often do all the work. Once you contact them and set the date, they will come to your home or office, get the unwanted furniture and load it in their truck, and it will be recycled or donated depending on its condition.

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Furniture Removal Services?

It would be best if you took inventory of the furniture you plan to get rid of. Donate the furniture if it is in good condition. However, if your furniture has scrapes and tears, it needs to be disposed of. Avoid throwing furniture in the dumpster because garbage services are not equipped to handle furniture removal. Listed below are ways you can get rid of unwanted furniture.

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Local donation center

What is the cheapest way to get rid of old furniture? The cheapest way to get rid of furniture is to donate it to a local charity such as Goodwill or the Salvation Army.

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Donate Your Furniture

If you would like to get rid of your furniture, but you do not want to throw them away, you can always donate them. However, you need to assess the furniture to ensure it is in good condition. For instance, you can check if:

Furniture removal and disposal pre-check:
  • It is infested with pests
  • The wood is free from significant gouges and scratches
  • The upholstery is free from significant stains, odors, and rips
  • If the furniture needs repairs or can be used as it is

If it passes the above-listed inspection check, there are several places where you can donate them. Find a charity or nonprofit organization that is in your area and donate the furniture to them. Some organizations may pick the furniture from your home. Alternatively, you could donate to a local church, school, or community theatre. They may be put to good use If they are in excellent condition.

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Used Furniture Store

If your furniture is in good condition and you do not want to donate it for free, you could sell it to a used furniture store. You can check your area and find out if any second-hand furniture stores would be interested in your furniture. Such shops often take low-priced furniture or high-quality furniture that can be upcycled and be sold at a profitable price.

Sell the Furniture

You can sell your old sofa online or have a garage sale for gently used furniture. This is an excellent way to say goodbye of most furniture for free while also making money out of it. If you are selling your furniture online, try to be as honest as possible, take enough photos, and write a good description of the furniture.

Ask Your New Furniture Provider

Chances are you are getting rid of your old furniture to replace it with new ones. Some sellers offer collection and disposal services when they deliver your new furniture. Therefore, inquire from your new provider if they offer this service.

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Get Rid of Furniture by Leaving it on the Curb

You can leave your furniture on the curb if you have a few small items since it is easy to drag them out. However, it would be best if you found out what the rules are from your local service provider before you drag out your furniture to the curb. Some private trash collection and municipal services often charge an extra fee to get rid of your unwanted furniture, in addition to the cost you pay for your standard trash.

Furniture pickup:

It is worth noting that they could limit the number of furniture you can leave on the curb or when you can leave it out. For instance, bulk pick up of furniture may only be done monthly or a couple of times yearly. There is a possibility that you may have to seal the furniture using plastic before it is acceptable by curbside collection. It is also worth noting that there are areas where you cannot dump your furniture on the curb. Therefore, ensure that you have checked with your local authorities. This is a low-cost option for getting rid of your furniture, and you will not have to do a lot of work taking your furniture out on the curb.

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Rent a Roll Off Dumpster

Renting a roll-off dumpster is an affordable and quick way to get rid of unwanted furniture. Most companies have different sizes of dumpsters you can select from depending on the volume of items you are trying to get rid of. Note that the costs are based on the size of the dumpster you choose.

Dumpster Rental

Once you have selected the size, the dumpster company will send the container to your location. You will load all the furniture you are getting rid of into the container, and once you are done, you can call the company to come and pick it up. The upside of this method is that you can load up items at your pace, so it is appropriate for when you declutter or do a deep clean.

How to Get Rid of Furniture Using a Junk Removal Company

As mentioned earlier, working with a junk removal company is an efficient way to get rid of unwanted furniture. It would be best to get a company located in your area to avoid paying a higher cost. Get in touch with the company and inquire about their services and charges. Most junk removal services usually send professionals to look at the amount of furniture you want to get rid of to determine the cost or let you know the total price when they come to pick up the furniture.

Once you agree with their charges, they will haul away the unwanted furniture. If you are getting rid of a large amount of furniture, this is an excellent option for you. It is worth noting that the volume of your furniture determines the cost you will be charged. Therefore, it would be best to do thorough research before you hire a junk removal company.

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What does the junk removal company do with the furniture?

Most junk removal companies resort to the eco-friendliest way of disposing of your unwanted furniture. You can always inquire during your initial call where they take the furniture. As mentioned earlier, your furniture can either be donated or recycled. They have access to various contacts to know the best place to drop it and have it recycled.

Furniture in good condition will be donated to a charity, and sometimes they even donate worn-out couches to animal shelters, so the animals have a place to curl up. However, keep in mind that not all junk removal companies operate in the same way. If you only want to work with a company that recycles and donates instead of one that dumps the furniture in a landfill, make an inquiry when you contact them.

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What are the charges of using a junk removal company?

Different junk removal companies have different charges, and as aforementioned, the volume of the furniture you are getting rid of will determine the cost. Larger furniture will take up more space in the junk truck so large furniture will cost more to remove than smaller pieces of furniture. You could call a couple of junk removal companies in your area and inquire about their charges so you can compare prices to make sure you get a fair price. Make sure that you ask for an all-inclusive price to avoid any surprises.

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How do you find a junk removal service?

You can ask friends, family, or neighbors for referrals when looking for a junk removal service, or you could look up ‘junk removal companies near me’ on a search engine. Make sure you read the reviews on their website to make an informed decision when picking a junk removal company you would like to work with.

You can choose a junk removal company based on your budget, needs, preference, and the volume of furniture you are trying to get rid of. Try and use a junk removal company that is eco-friendly and will recycle furniture vs take it straight to the local landfill.

How much will it cost to dump furniture yourself?

While dumping furniture by yourself seems like an excellent way to save money that you would have spent on disposal charges, it is worth noting that not all curbside services and landfills accept furniture disposal. The ones that do may limit you on what furniture is acceptable. Therefore, it would be best to call ahead to confirm if they accept the kind of furniture you would like to dispose of. It is worth noting that illegal dumping will not only harm the environment but you will also be fined thousands of dollars for doing that.

There are multiple ways you can get rid of your furniture depending on the area you live in. You can always ask around in your circle if they know anyone who may be interested in furniture before you resort to other methods. While there are various ways to offload the furniture for free, you can also use professionals to help you get rid of the furniture in a more efficient way, making it convenient for you.

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