Does Salvation Army pick up furniture from inside the house?

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If you’re completing some summer cleaning, you may be looking to get rid of some outdated or gently worn furniture inside of your house. Furniture can be difficult to get rid of as it can be bulky or heavy. Some donation places have stopped accepting upholstery due to concerns for bed bugs, pet hair or viruses hiding in the material.

Finding a service that will come inside a house to pick up furniture can be even more difficult. Especially with recent concerns for Covid-19, many services will no longer enter homes to complete pick up of junk or unwanted items. Most donation centers prefer that you drop off your unwanted items directly to their stores.

Many people wonder if the Salvation Army will pick up furniture inside a home. The Salvation Army is a non-profit organization related to the Christian Church. They run a number of donation centers and thrift stores to help them raise money for their cause. Many people consider dropping off their unwanted goods with their store for tax deductions or simply get rid of junk in their home. However, most people are less familiar with the pick-up services they offer.

Does Salvation Army Pick Up Furniture from Inside the House?

The short answer to whether the Salvation Army picks up furniture is yes. The Salvation Army will come to your home and pick up some types of furniture from your house. Although their most commonly-used service is their drop off service where donors bring their objects directly to one of their stores, they also offer pick up services.

During pick up services, the Salvation Army sends a team of movers with a truck. You can choose to leave your objects outside for them to pick up on your driveway, curb, or porch. Otherwise, they are also willing to enter your house and pick up items that you want to donate.

However, the Salvation Army does not accept all types of furniture. There are some items that they will not accept for a variety of reasons. Here are some of the items that the Salvation Army accepts and some that they reject.

What Does Salvation Army Accept?

The Salvation Army accepts a wide variety of items. This includes a variety of furniture, electronics, clothing items and even automobiles. Since their goal is to raise money for their organization, their most-wanted items are those that will help them make the most money. All donated items are tax deductible.

Here is just a small sample of some of the objects the Salvation Army does take:

  • Washing Machines
  • Shoes
  • Heaters
  • Shirts
  • Desks
  • Mattresses
  • Blenders
  • Rugs
  • Towels
  • Mowers

There are many more items that the Salvation Army is willing to take. If you’re interested to find more details, you can visit their website to learn more.

What Won’t Salvation Army Take?

There are some items that the Salvation Army won’t take. Although they want objects to help them raise money for their organization, they don’t want to simply take your trash from your home. Here are some things that the Salvation Army won’t pick up or put in their store.

First, they won’t take items that are broken or damaged. Any item that is no longer able to perform its primary function will not be profitable for their store. Some broken items even pose safety risks. For example, a broken TV that has a cracked screen or won’t turn on won’t sell in their store. The Salvation Army is simply wasting time and floor space by accepting these items.

Second, the Salvation Army doesn’t want objects that are stained or ripped. These items also won’t sell in the stores. Stained fabrics on items like blankets, couches, mattresses and rugs are a huge turn off for their shoppers, especially if the stains are of questionable origin. Similarly, their shoppers won’t want to purchase fabrics with significant rips, so they won’t pick up or accept couches, chairs or other fabrics with large imperfections.

Third, they won’t accept fabrics that contain pet hair or items that have odors. This is because they don’t want to run the risk of accidentally selling an item with pet hair to someone with an allergy to dogs or cats. Before donating items, you can keep your items from being rejected by checking fabrics that may attract pet hair, such as clothing, blankets or couches. You should also check items for strange odors and consider withholding them as well.

Finally, there are some specific objects that the Salvation Army won’t take because they’re outdated, pose safety risks or require specialized licensing in order to sell. For example, they won’t take outdated TVs or stereos. They also won’t take certain baby items that may pose safety risks or are frequently recalled. Although the Salvation Army has pretty wide boundaries on what they’ll take, it’s best to check directly with their services if there’s something you’re wondering about. Here is a short list of items that they most commonly won’t take:

  • Chemicals and Paint: Salvation Army does not have the proper licensing to sell these items
  • Mattresses and box springs greater than 5 years old: old mattresses tend to be outdated and may have odors or stains.
  • Appliances older than 10 years: Appliances older than 10 years are typically too outdated for them to sell.
  • Built-in appliances (for example, a dishwasher): built-in appliances typically don’t sell well for them, as there are too many factors to their installation.
  • High chairs: High chairs are frequently recalled and may pose safety risks to the families that use them.
  • Cribs: Cribs are another item that may be recalled or dangerous if it has imperfections.

Does Salvation Army Offer Pick Up Services?

The Salvation Army does offer free pick up services to donate your items as long as you live within a reasonable distance from one of their locations. You can schedule a pick up online by submitting your zip code and giving them the number of clothing items, furniture pieces, household items, or other boxes you need picked up.

After you designate the number and types of objects you’re donating, you can choose your pick up date from a calendar. You have the option to leave special instructions for the delivery driver or choose from a number of common instructions such as taking items from the driveway or front porch.

Finally, you’ll be required to leave your information so that the delivery team can find your house. This includes your address, phone number, or other contact information.

If you have extra large items or items that will require special handling that you want picked up, the self-scheduling system offers a number to call to ensure that the team they send is equipped to meet your needs.

Concerns About Salvation Army Doing Pick Up

Although Salvation Army pick up teams are nice and convenient because they’re free, there are some downsides to their services. In addition to not accepting all items, the team that the Salvation Army sends to do pick up are also not professional movers.

Because the team members they send aren’t professionals at removing your unwanted items, it’s possible that they could damage items in your house. Hopefully this isn’t the case, but there are times when Salvation Army pick up teams have accidentally damaged floors, walls or other furniture.

Removing large items from a house can be difficult and requires a surprising amount of skill and practice. Tight corners, steep stairs and narrow walls can make it extremely difficult or even impossible to move a large item of furniture such as a couch or wardrobe out of the house.

Homeowners should be wary of the risk that junk removal poses with an inexperienced team such as Salvation Army movers. Although they attempt to be careful, sometimes things happen. It’s best to be aware of these potential concerns and be prepared for if and when they do happen.

Covering floors with towels or cloth and moving other furniture out of the way can help make the process go more smoothly for the Salvation Army movers. In addition, be aware that you may have to do minor touch ups to the wall to remove scuffs or nicks after they leave. If it’s possible, try and find the easiest way for the movers to get out of your house such as a backdoor. For those who are extra concerned, consider moving items out of the house yourself and placing them in the driveway or on the curb for pick up.

Who Will Pick Up Furniture From Inside My House?

Those who are looking for junk removal services do have other options besides the Salvation Army to remove furniture from inside your house. Whether you have an item that is stained or damaged that they won’t take or you have something that’s outdated, there are other services that will come and remove your unwanted items from inside your home.

You may also be concerned about damage to your home to your floors, walls or other furniture. There are other services that specialize in junk removal that have knowledge about moving furniture in a way that won’t result in damage to your home.

Other donation centers may take different objects, but many of them have the same objections to broken, stained or outdated objects. Some places offer pick up services for in your home while others do not.

One option is to use a professional junk removal service to remove furniture items from inside your homes. A professional junk removal business typically has a more broad scope of what they’re willing to take, making them a great option for removing damaged or broken objects from inside your house. In addition, junk removal is what they do, so you won’t have to worry as much about damaged floors or walls.

Utilizing a Junk Removal Service

Junk removal services are professionals at what they do. Not only will they come directly to your house, they also remove junk in an efficient and safe manner.

Because they are used to being in and out of homes to remove junk, they are familiar with the challenges of navigating narrow hallways, stairs and low ceilings. This reduces the likelihood of damage to flooring or walls. In the end, this may save you time and money.

Additionally, since they specialize and hauling junk, they don’t have restrictions about items being too old or damaged. As a result, you won’t have to look around for a place to take your other options that weren’t taken by the Salvation Army. Instead, hiring a junk removal service can be a one and done process.

Finally, junk removal services are fast and efficient. Waiting for pick up from the Salvation Army or another donation center may be timely. However, junk removal services work to get your unwanted items out of your way as quickly as possible. Your junk-free home is their goal.


If you have some furniture that you’re interested in getting rid of, the Salvation Army is one object to get rid of some of your unwanted junk. You can schedule an appointment online and they will come to your house to pick up unwanted items from outside or inside your home. Although there are many objects that they take, there are a few things that they won’t take because of cleanliness or safety hazards. Broken, damaged or stained objects won’t be accepted.

Although Salvation Army’s free pick up services are nice, they don’t take all objects and also raise concerns about damage to your home. As a result, it may be worth considering other services that will take all of your unwanted items in a safe manner. Hiring a professional junk removal service can be an excellent solution to these problems. Because they specialize in removing junk from homes, they accept a wider variety of items and offer safe and timely services.

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