Do Junk Removal Companies Take TVs?

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For most people, the options that come into their minds when appliances seem to lose their usefulness are to get rid of them. The most immediate place to take waste is the nearby dumpster. While this practice may be suitable for biodegradable material and other simple stuff, it is not ideal for electronics.

As a general rule, yes junk removal companies take TVs.

For instance, old televisions are unique since they are either old or have some mechanical or other electronics beyond repair. Large flat screen televisions, their sheer size takes up most of the space in dumpsters, and the dumpster owners may not be happy to see them there.

Further, the cathode ray tubes in an old television poses serious health hazards if people do not dispose of them correctly. These hazards have encouraged some experts to form junk removal companies that can handle such things. However, many junk removal companies do not take TVs.

What Options Do You Have With Your Old TV?

Put it outside for the garbage pickup services? If it has no repair problems, you can donate your old TV to charity. You can also decide to sell it since people would accept second-hand electronics as long as they are in good working condition. Besides, you can find out with the manufacturer if they can take back old electronics for refurbishment. It will still help if you take it to your nearest recycling company.

Which Junk Companies Take TVs?

Only some particular junk companies can accept to take TVs, and they do exist. Most companies try to avoid dealing with the strict environmental laws in different states. The rules are tight and cumbersome since there is a requirement for a special license to deal with TVs and other forms of e-waste.

Some junk companies are brave enough and have complied with the strict state laws. They are, therefore, willing to collect TVs from any household that wants to get rid of them. They take the junk TVs because they have the authority and technical know-how to deal with the “waste.” Such companies organize special collection services, different from other collections. They help you haul your unwanted TVs away for recycling or donation.

Waste companies that take TVs are very professional in their approach. They simplify the process since you do not even have to carry your TV outside. They do it themselves and see to it that they observe environment sanity.

What TV Disposal Entails

Both cathode ray tubes and the new flat-screen TVs are harmful to the environment if you do not dispose of them carefully. TV disposal involves the process of getting rid of them meticulously. The flat-screen TVs may not have the toxic materials that the CRT types have, but they also have harmful stuff.

Proper Disposal

The process is not as simple as it sounds. TVs are not like any other material you can place in your local dumpster or landfill and expect anyone to pick the junk for you. You have to properly decide what you want to do with them before you proceed with the action.

Some states do not allow you to dump your old TV in the trash bin. They include the following: • California • Hawaii • Pennsylvania

However, there are a few that allow dumping, but with stringent conditions. You must demonstrate your willingness and ability to follow specific laid down regulations. You also pay some uncomfortable amount towards some irritating fees and fill many forms to receive authorization. These hurdles seem so draining and unnecessary.

How TV Recycling Works

You need to contact a licensed junk removal company with a special license to handle TV recycling and e-waste. Check the ones with the best reviews and reputation- it is not difficult to do so since there is a wealth of review information online.

When the company staffers get hold of the TV that you want to dispose of, they dismantle and set apart all the parts. After dismantling the cathode ray tube (for CRT TVs), they carefully throw the glass panel in particular disposal areas for waste that can pose a health hazard.

Plastic and wood parts go into other uses as new parts. For the circuit boards, they fetch valuable elements such as gold materials for resale. The bottom line is that every detail and material goes somewhere. Some go into recycling, while others end up in disposal points through the hands of professional handlers.

Some challenges affect TV recycling in the US. States like Pennsylvania, for instance, have a strict law- the Covered Devices Recycling Act 2014. While the law may seem like a relief if the affected people play their role well, it faces some setbacks in the form of challenges. • The Challenge of Recycling: The state lacks coordinated recycling efforts. The state and local governments, junk removers, and recycling plants are not working in harmony yet. • High Cost of the Recycling Technology: the available number of cathode ray tube processors cannot handle all the recycling cases effectively. • Most resellers are not taking in old TVs for some reason. • The local governments do not seem to be keen on continuing their free recycling projects.

There are some disadvantages that you can associate with the option of handling TV disposal on your own. As an individual, you lack the experience and the necessary equipment to facilitate the hauling process. As a result, you may suffer possible bruises and fatigue due to straining.

Junk removal companies have the necessary equipment and experience in handling such things. They specialize in hauling all big and small TVs from anywhere inside your residential or commercial property.

They take care of the legal issues and bridge the cost implications if you dispose of the old TV by yourself. Junk removal companies are responsible for ensuring that the TVs go to the right place after removal. They are the middlemen or professionals that provide a link between you and the destination of your junk. That destination could be a recycling center, a charity center, or the market.

A professional junk removal company is good since it is likely to have nationwide coverage. Having national coverage means that it will provide you with the benefit of discounts due to its economies of scale.

Treat the Option of Junk Removal Company as a Last Resort

Being old does not necessarily mean that your TV is non-functional. You may still want to dispose of a TV set because you have acquired a new and more advanced device. A good example is with the onset of flat-screen devices where everyone wanted to get rid of the traditional CRT.

The first thing should be to confirm with your local government – the municipality. Some municipalities are still accepting e-waste, making it easier and legal for you to complete the project. Remember to consult the department dealing with environmental protection in your state. In most cases, this is the department that will inform you about the disposal or recycling policies.

If you move out near your neighborhood, you will likely encounter a retail outlet that can take old TVs for resale. Some of them may facilitate resale without charging you. The only setback may be the conditions that they give if they have to accept your junk TV.

If all these options fail, then you can reach out to a professional junk removal company. Invite them to check your items and discuss appropriate pricing for the service.

DIY or Professional Junk Removal Company?

Disposing of an old or broken TV is not an easy task due to the factors discussed above. There are so many burdensome regulations controlling their disposal. The main reason is the environmental and health hazards that any TV waste can present to humans and animals.

Other factors such as the TV set’s size and weight may inconvenience you if you decide to carry out the project independently. However, if you can skip the hurdles legally and prudently, you can still do it without seeking assistance. Besides, you can earn from reselling the old TV alongside other devices if you organize yard sales.

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Television Removal

Junk removal companies exist to eliminate the pain and inconvenience of doing it yourself. If you decide to contact them, everything becomes more manageable, and the worries become less since they take care of everything. You only need to pay them some small service fee.

Whether you’ll do it yourself or hire a junk removal company is a choice you have to make. Consider all the available information that includes the advantages and disadvantages of either option. Make a decision that favors your desires and interests. You only need to make sure that the choice you make observes safety measures and is hassle-free.

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